PAUSE: Understanding and Using Your Spiritual Gifts

From unity God seeks to deploy diversity to build His Kingdom on earth.

Gifts are given to the church to advance the Kingdom. Not for personal agendas, to feed egos, to cause division, or ignite conflict.  We are not to look up or down to one another in the church but rather look forward to Jesus together.  When conflict, envy and comparisons are give attention around the subject of gifting - humility is lost and we're doing things wrong. When we envy and fight (creating comparisons among us and churches) we lose sight of what we're supposed to be about - reaching the lost - this is done through the beauty of our testimony individually but even more corporately.

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Vince Armfield
Mother's Day at Lakeside

Mother’s day is a complicated day within any family; including the church.  In the past church families celebrated mother’s day by focusing in on biological moms; but there are so many more moms among us.  The step-mom, foster-mom, adoptive-mom and even the mother-in law are just as powerful expressions of motherhood not to mention those women who have been like moms to us.  At Lakeside we want to acknowledge those women who have blessed us with their counsel, admonitions, correction and nurturing. It’s not always easy to love those closest to us because of painful relationships but even more because of familiarity – we take them for granted and grow distant. It’s not always easy to love people; let’s remember that and encourage one another. 

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PAUSE: Communication is Key in a Relationship

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship with God.  Cultivate relationship with God by using your time and energy wisely.  To cultivate a relationship with God one must choose from among the good, what is best.  Vegging out on your phone looking at Instagram posts, playing Fortnite for hours or binging on episodes of Narcos are time sucks.  While not bad, these distractions can fill up our waking hours.  The Christian must make choices.  The Christian must be responsible for their relationship with God. 

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PAUSE: Be Still & Know God (Intro)

Ever have one of those days where you've said, "Just when I thought nothing else could go wrong..." Life is busy for most everyone. The typical day for many involves getting the kids to school on time, taking them to various different sport practices, piano rehearsal, ballet, math tutoring, youth group, snatching a quick bite to eat (many times in the car) and then home for homework before bed. Mix into these tight schedules doctor appointments, caring for elderly parents or grandchildren, shopping for groceries and vehicle maintenance. Then busy productive people come to church and the Pastor encourages them to read their bibles and pray. The response is often thought, if not spoken, "Ain't nobody got time for that!" There doesn't seem to be time for God personally—we get our families and ourselves to church but there doesn't appear margin left for anything else! Add even more with serious illness, relationship breakdowns or job crisis and it can seem the world is descending into chaos.

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Do What Has Been Done For You // John 13:3-17

What would you do with the final hours of your life? The final week of Jesus' life before the cross is the subject of each Gospel in the Bible. The Apostle John gives us a glimpse into the final meal Jesus shared with his disciples. The meal was the Passover; a meal of significant national as well as religious significance. During the Passover meal, Jesus startles his disciples by stooping to wash their feet. Sit with me and with the disciples for a moment and reflect on this moment. In a few short hours Jesus will be delivered up, betrayed, and crucified.

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