PAUSE: Communication is Key in a Relationship


Communication is the Key to Relationship.
John 15: 12-15

God wants to communicate with you as part of a vibrant and heartfelt relationship.  Jesus reiterated what God had communicated to the ancient Hebrews in the Old Testament; God wants a love relationship with His people.  In Deuteronomy 6:5 and then again in Matthew 22: 37 believers are told to love God with all their heart, soul and minds.  God doesn’t want a relationship marked with servility and groveling from His people; He wants the relationship based in love.

Any relationship of depth and meaning has at its core solid communication.  Communication is the key to a healthy relationship with one another, but especially so with God.  Jesus reminds His disciples that His relationship with them is personal.  He no longer will refer to them as slaves but rather, refers to them as friends.  Friends communicate and Jesus reminds the disciples that He communicates everything the Father and He are doing to them (John 15: 12-15).

Through the work of the Holy Spirit and the Bible, God speaks to mankind.  Through prayer mankind is invited to speak to God (John 16:34).  Mankind is not left to wonder Who God is or what He wants from us; we have His word and can pray in accordance with His will (as revealed in the Bible; 1 John 5: 14).  Our speaking to God is to come from the heart and not mere rote devotion (Psalm 116: 1-2). 

In the busyness of life we can feel a million miles from God.  We drift from God as a result of our own choices and sometimes even the choices of others that affect our lives.  The Bible reminds us with example after example of believers struggling with feeling adrift from God that He still wants us to come and speak to Him (Psalm 13).  Sometimes we can feel as though we’re not heard by God.  A good friend of mine wrote a wonderful blog post about prayer and had great insight regard not feeling heard by God.  “Also if you find yourself praying and God isn’t answering maybe He has another plan to use what you’re struggling with for the greater good.  He has good plans and sees the bigger picture so we can trust that whatever may come our way will be used for our good.  If He brought Joseph to a place of [authority] from slavery and [through Moses’ broken life] delivered an entire nation from slavery, He can use the weakest parts of your life to reveal how glorious He is.” (

Jesus gave His disciples an example of the type of prayer that God would like to hear (Matthew 6: 9-13).  The problem with Jesus’ example is that we (the church) take it and make it a formula and repeat it verbatim; this was not the intent.  Jesus wants our hearts to be in our communication (our prayers) with Him.  There is nothing like hearing the heart of the love of your life.  God wants the same – you are loved, liked and wanted by Him – you are His friend (He said so!).

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship with God.  Cultivate relationship with God by using your time and energy wisely.  To cultivate a relationship with God one must choose from among the good, what is best.  Vegging out on your phone looking at Instagram posts, playing Fortnite for hours or binging on episodes of Narcos are time sucks.  While not bad, these distractions can fill up our waking hours.  The Christian must make choices.  The Christian must be responsible for their relationship with God.  It becomes a matter of choosing from among the good, what is best.  Put down the phone.  Put down the controller.  Put down the tablet.  Pick up God’s Word and pray – speak to God from your heart.  If you have never done this before (be warned) it may not be as easy as it sounds.  Start with 3 minutes of speaking to God.  Use Jesus’ prayer as a template for the thoughts of your life (Matthew 6: 9-13).  The main thing – start speaking to God from your heart today. 

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship with others.  Again, cultivate relationships with those you love by giving them your time and attention.  One must choose from among the good, what is best.  Who do you need to give your undivided attention to this week?  Who do you need to sit down and talk from your heart to?  Your spouse, children, parents, grandparents, friends and family are waiting for you!  They love you and want a sincere and healthy relationship with you and it begins with cultivating good communication.

God wants to hear from you, so pray.