Heaven to Earth

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the phrase heaven on earth?  For many, we see ourselves enjoying a quiet walk on an exotic beach, enjoying a meal with the whole family seated at the table or simply a quiet moment with no demands being made of us.  Those scenes and countless ones like them have one thing in common – we are at the center.  If we’re not careful this view of heaven on earth can cement itself in us and impact our actions. Let’s change the phrase to “bring heaven to earth.”

Jesus said, “Follow me.”  We can’t be Jesus, but we can follow Him.  He left all the privilege of heaven to come to earth and be cradled in an animal feeding trough.  He gave up His life serving and meeting the needs of others.  He washed His followers’ feet and told them to do likewise to others.  He said that others would know we are His followers by the love we share.  

Could we bring heaven to earth by following Jesus and not consuming but creating for the benefit of others?  Could we bring heaven to earth by giving of ourselves rather than receiving?   Could the greatest joy, pleasure and satisfaction in life come from giving our lives away?  

There is an embedded yearning to be known, seen and heard in all of us.  Our culture feeds us the narrative that to be happy in life is to be a celebrity, powerful and affluent.  Christ offers to us a different story to enter; a story of service, sacrifice and complete satisfaction in the soul.

Imagine standing before God at the end of time and knowing your life made a difference in others’ lives.  Can you see God saying to you, “You did a good thing with the life I gave you; you followed the example of my Son.” 

It lies within each of us to choose how we will live out our lives.  Will they be lived with us at the center or with Christ at the center?  If we are at the center, we will find ourselves saying “no” to God when He presents us with an opportunity to serve others and experience the joy of His will.  If God is at the center, we will say “yes” and experience a joy we’ve only imagined and a peace we long for in life.

People are waiting.  People are watching.  This world in all it’s turmoil, suffering and loneliness is waiting for people like you to step up with God and meet needs.  The world around us is staggering looking for hope.  Too often in the absence of those who can bring hope, the searching turn to substance abuse and even suicide to escape the pain and perceived pointlessness of their existence.  It doesn’t have to be this way. 

You can bring heaven to earth.  You are part of the Body of Christ, His Church.  You have the power, Spirit and the Son with you in all you do.

Where can you start bringing heaven to earth?  Here is 2 easy steps.

1.      By serving a meal to the women of the Sophia Way Emergency Shelter at Lakeside you bring a bit of heaven to earth.  Take an extra step to serve the meal and bless the ladies with your smile.  Sign up here:  https://lakesidechristian.net/sophia-way

 2.      By giving financially to Operation Agape.  A community in India has suffered back to back cyclones resulting in lives lost, homes and churches destroyed.  We want to help these people get back into their homes and churches (which serve as community centers).  These are the poorest of the poor who need our help.  https://lakesidechristian.net/giving and choose Operation Agape.  We have until the end of May to give!  For more on Agape Fellowship go to http://aftrustindia.org/

 You can bring heaven to earth.  You can be a direct help and blessing in the lives of others! You can make a difference.

Vince Armfield