A Savior is Born // Luke 2:10-11

Ever try and move on in a relationship without addressing an underlying problem?  A husband and wife relationship soured by unresolved strife? A boss and worker experience a cold and distant relationship because of unmet expectations? A child and parent relationship is stuck because an offense has not been acknowledged? Before effective communication can happen the relationship needs repairing! People can try and get by (and many do) but the conflict still simmers in the background. Like trying to walk on a broken leg; it doesn't feel good.  We need healing. We need peace.

The ancient Hebrew prophet Isaiah wrote regarding the expected Messiah that He would be called among other names Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father and Prince of Peace. This peace is more than the absence of conflict - the Hebrew word for peace (shalom) refers to a wholeness—completeness or sense of everything working in harmony.

The Angel's announcement of a Saviors birth heralded the long awaited Messiah Who would bring peace. The Savior—Jesus comes and brings peace to us in 3 incredible ways that build on one another and make such a difference in our lives that it is truly good news of great joy for all people!

Jesus provides peace with God—Salvation from sin and reconciliation with God the Father (Romans 5:1; 6-10). Jesus provides peace within those who believe. The peace of God (not what we manufacture) is available to believers to have in their lives and serves to protect us (John 14: 27; Philippians 4:7).  Finally, Jesus provides peace with others through the peace of God that dwells in believers. The Apostle Paul wrote that God had made a way for peace to be established between the Jew and Gentiles—creating the church family of God (Ephesians 2: 14-16).  What was once thought unimaginable, Jews and Gentiles under one roof worshipping the one God, was made possible through Jesus' sacrifice; His peace brings us together in one family.

Salvation, peace with God, ourselves and others is truly good news for all people!  Where do we go with information like this?  Many are good with peace with God but struggle either with having peace within themselves or with others. Are you an angry person? Are you an anxious person? Take time to read the cited passages of Scripture and allow God to work in your heart. Believe that God loves you this much. Believe God loves you not only to get you into heaven but even more to transform your life and give you peace in your heart and relationships with others.

You don't need to live in awkward relationship with your parents, kids, spouse or friends—as a Christian, it lies within you (thank you Holy Spirit) to be at peace with yourself and others. Believe God and move to talk, reconcile, forgive and ask for forgiveness. Trust God; He loves you.
Go, demonstrate with your faith what we celebrate at Christmas: peace.