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Fear Can Cause Us to Betray Our Beliefs

The unity of the church was at stake.  Consider the message of the false teachers from Jerusalem, “Not all Jews are Christians, but all Christians must become Jews.” The Gospel of Grace is for people of all cultures – nothing added to faith in Jesus.  If the leaders of the church even tolerated the teaching that Christians needed to observe Jewish laws, it would split the movement.  It could lead to a division that pitted Jewish Christians versus the Gentile Christians – who was the more Christian?

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The Gospel of Grace Changes Lives

The Apostle Paul shares part of his spiritual journey with the Galatians presenting a striking comparison.  This is not an attempt to get them to pay attention to him or gain personal glory; rather to remind the Galatians that the Gospel of Grace is real and powerful in real time.

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Standing for the gospel may mean standing alone.

Paul’s letter to the Galatians puts forth one of those essentials in life that is indeed worth fighting for.  Paul doesn’t fall into the trap that many a church member has fallen into – fighting over things like the color of the carpet, pews vs. chairs, Pastor wearing a tie in the pulpit, women’s dress lengths and whether there are drums in worship or not.  Paul goes after what is essential – core historic Christian doctrine – justification by grace through faith alone.

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