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Who you are is one of the most profound questions in life you can answer.

Most will agree, our culture has moved to identity politics in an effort to answer the question, who am I. The identities include victim, survivor, republican, democrat, liberal, conservative, white, black, brown, man, woman, straight, LGBTQ, married, single, widowed, divorced and the list goes on. These identities serve as a basis for many to build their whole lives upon. Christianity offers an identity that transcends biology, roles and station in life.

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Sex is more than physical; it's powerful and connected to who you are.

In a world that tells us it's only physical, experience tells us something different regarding sex. An inappropriate touch to severe sexual abuse stays with people their whole lives and carries a darkness that touches the soul. Of life's regrets, more often than not, sexual history is often a factor for many. Emotional, physical and mental health is impacted by sexual activity.

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What you do reflects who you are; it's not who you are.

In a Washington Post article entitled, Are You A Work Marty Brigid Schulte notes 40% of Americans don't take all their vacation, leaving 430 million days of unused paid vacation a year.

Somewhere along the line we, Americans in particular, are seeing work as somehow validating our existence. What we do is informing who we are. Authors Staats and Geno write in a Harvard Business Review article, It's The Weekend! Why Are You Working!, many simply find joy in their work. Work can consume us; however, at the same time we enjoy it.

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