Jesus Completely Satisfies // John 6:31-35

What is it that you hunger for?  Deep down inside of your gut and I'm not talking about pizza; is it peace, justice, the humane treatment of animals or stability in your home? What is it that you thirst for? Do you long to be known and really understood?  Do you thirst for meaning, to be loved or even have someone to love?  Jesus speaks through time and from the pages of John's Gospel (John 6: 31-35) to announce that He is the bread of life and in Him is complete satisfaction of both hunger and thirst.

In John 6, Jesus has fed 5,000 and the people clamor for more; not more signs of Jesus' divinity or mission but more stuff.  Who wouldn't?  These were exciting times.  They recount their national history and the miracle of manna from heaven.  Jesus reminds them that it wasn't Moses who gave them the manna from heaven it was actually God Who provided.  How many times do we do this; focus on the what's right in front of us and miss the bigger picture?  As kids we thought the food just appeared in our fridges.  We never questioned where it came from beyond our parents putting it there.  God ultimately provides everything in life and even life itself.

Jesus, pointing to Himself, declares that as God provided manna to keep the ancient Hebrews alive; He now gives His Son to bring eternal life to all who will receive Him.  Jesus is telling them, I will feed you with truth leading to your salvation.  I will feed you with love leading to your identity as a beloved child of God.  I will feed you with authenticity (His miracles) leading to your trust.  In these things Jesus is promising to completely satisfy anyone who would come to Him.  Peace (the Hebrew concept of Shalom is more than absence of conflict it's a sense of wholeness and integrity despite conflict), justice as well as love and belonging are found in Jesus.

As I write this blog post, it is after celebrating communion (Lord's table or the Eucharist) with my church family. We were challenged as we took the elements (broken bread and poured juice) that we should focus on following Jesus and as He broke the bread He gave it out.  May we too be broken and given to others.  As we have received the bread of life and been nourished in Christ; likewise, we too can go and bring this bread to others.  Like the woman at the well (John 4) we are changed by Jesus into being change agents in this dark world.  We bring the hope of salvation with us where ever we go.  So, let us (who have received Jesus) go and find that one person today who has needs we can meet and meet them.  It's not rocket science; as we have been blessed—go and be a blessing.

Jesus completely satisfies. Are you trusting Him today to bring satisfaction and nourishment to your soul?  He's ready; are you?