Knowing what you love is key to knowing who you are.

We're all made with the capacity to love. What we love we will defend, value and pursue.  When I say I love Jesus, one would be right in asking me the following: Do I love him like my little sister—because my parents told me to? Do I love him like a Netflix series—love to watch but when its done—I don't need it anymore?

Rationally and Biblically, love is a choice. God chose Israel (Deuteronomy 7:7-8) and us (Romans 5:8; 1 John 4:19). His choice was not based on Israel's abilities nor is it based on ours in this generation. This love is unconditional and the basis of salvation (John 3:16).

Love is also cultivated; while salvation is all of God our relationship is one we are involved in. With choices we cultivate relationship(s) with what we love. Rhythms create habits and habits give birth to and sustain what we love. We are always taking in data via movies, music, YouTube Channels etc. Like programs running in the background on our laptops they are informing us. Question is are they informing you of what you love? We may not even realize what we're falling in love with.

When we fail to address the real loves of our lives we run the risk of building our lives on a false identity.