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Communion Sunday

Have you ever had to teach a toddler to apologize? If you have had that experience, you know there is a big difference between saying the words and doing the actions and actually meaning what is said. My son can say he’s sorry and give me a hug, but when he pulls the hair off my legs a second time and laughs, I begin to doubt his genuineness of it all.

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Communion Sunday: What to Remember?

Luke brings us into the intimate moment of sharing the Passover meal elements (vs. 14-22).  Eating a meal together is incredibly personal.  The way they were sitting probably placed Jesus at the center of a large horseshoe shaped arrangement.  They were all able to look into one another’s faces.  Jesus begins by leaning in and telling them He earnestly desired (craved or yearned) to eat this Passover with you before He would suffer (He knew what was waiting for Him).  Which of us wouldn’t savor a last meal with friends and family before departing for a long journey, off to college or into the military? 

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