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Communion Sunday

Have you ever had to teach a toddler to apologize? If you have had that experience, you know there is a big difference between saying the words and doing the actions and actually meaning what is said. My son can say he’s sorry and give me a hug, but when he pulls the hair off my legs a second time and laughs, I begin to doubt his genuineness of it all.

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UP Sunday: Losing Your Marbles

As a dad of two little boys, I always knew I was losing my marbles. But the real question is, “What’s at stake when you lose your marbles.” To clarify, the marbles I’m losing don’t have to do with my mental capacity (though I’m sure someone could make an argument for that); they have everything to do with the time I have with my children. You see, if each marble represents one week I have with my boys from the age of 0-18 years old, then I have a total on 936 marbles to work with before they graduate and become independent adults. Suddenly, losing my marbles just got real… so how do we make the most of each marble?

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Communion Sunday: What to Remember?

Luke brings us into the intimate moment of sharing the Passover meal elements (vs. 14-22).  Eating a meal together is incredibly personal.  The way they were sitting probably placed Jesus at the center of a large horseshoe shaped arrangement.  They were all able to look into one another’s faces.  Jesus begins by leaning in and telling them He earnestly desired (craved or yearned) to eat this Passover with you before He would suffer (He knew what was waiting for Him).  Which of us wouldn’t savor a last meal with friends and family before departing for a long journey, off to college or into the military? 

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PAUSE: Engaged and Engaging Others with Christ Means Life.

We all have baggage.  You’ve probably heard that more than once.  Baggage in life is usually considered a negative; however, consider this – your baggage is what you come into relationships with – so, it can also be positive!  

Baggage is a fact of life and it’s part of who we are.  As Christians, I want to consider a few incredibly important things that are packed in your bags right now that we often forget.

4 Things Packed in Your Bags as a Christian Today:

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PAUSE: Serve God by Serving Others

Jesus was clearly recognized by His closest followers as a figure of authority.  His disciples referred to Jesus as teacher and Lord – terms of authority and status.  On the evening in which Jesus was sharing a Passover meal with his followers, He caught them all off guard by stooping to wash their dirty feet.  Washing feet was reserved for the lowest servant in the household.  When Jesus did this radical act He burned into their hearts and minds a powerful lesson.  

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Mother's Day at Lakeside

Mother’s day is a complicated day within any family; including the church.  In the past church families celebrated mother’s day by focusing in on biological moms; but there are so many more moms among us.  The step-mom, foster-mom, adoptive-mom and even the mother-in law are just as powerful expressions of motherhood not to mention those women who have been like moms to us.  At Lakeside we want to acknowledge those women who have blessed us with their counsel, admonitions, correction and nurturing. It’s not always easy to love those closest to us because of painful relationships but even more because of familiarity – we take them for granted and grow distant. It’s not always easy to love people; let’s remember that and encourage one another. 

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