Welcome to LCC

Welcome to Lakeside Christian Church! We're a growing church located in the very heart of Kirkland. While our church has been on this street corner for around 50 years we are only 4 years into a revitalization of the church. Four years ago we stopped everything and prayerfully sought God to give us a fresh vision for the church. In particular, I asked God to show me what He wanted me as the Pastor to do; where and how to lead the church into a new season of ministry.

This visioning process took time and resulted in a defining of who we are to minister to and what the ethos of this ministry was to be. The bullseye of the ministry is the downtown core of Kirkland (Norkirk Neighborhood) and concentric circles move out from there. Even though it may sound cliché, the ethos of the church that God revealed to me was family. A multi-generational family that is working together to inspire one another to maturity in Christ. This family is made up of young and old, married and single, with kids and without kids and people from all around the world. As a family, I want people to feel welcome regardless of where they are or have been.

With hospitality in mind, we sought to remove barriers that might keep people from feeling welcome in the church. Removing barriers was as simple as replacing some pews with tables and chairs to accommodate families with children as well as seniors who find sitting in a pew a challenge. We revamped our entire children's ministry and aligned it with the morning worship hour - this was the birth of Lakeside|KIDS (the best hour of your kids' week!). We changed the name of the church from First Baptist Church of Kirkland to Lakeside Christian Church to simplify the message that we are simply a Christian church - not a denominational church.  We refined our statement of beliefs to delineate between essential and non-essentials to allow for freedom within our church body with the motto in essentials unity and non-essentials love.  There have been many changes and each one was prayerfully deliberated with the question "God, what do you want us to be and do?"

The revitalization is an on-going process and we're excited about where God is taking us.  We're serious about growing in Christ, relating to one another and serving others (Loving God, One Another & the World). You're invited to join us in this journey! With this blog I'll be sharing the ride with you.

Vince Armfield