Who you are is one of the most profound questions in life you can answer.

Most will agree, our culture has moved to identity politics in an effort to answer the question, who am I. The identities include victim, survivor, republican, democrat, liberal, conservative, white, black, brown, man, woman, straight, LGBTQ, married, single, widowed, divorced and the list goes on. These identities serve as a basis for many to build their whole lives upon. Christianity offers an identity that transcends biology, roles and station in life.

The Biblical worldview sees the entire human race equally deserving of dignity and respect by virtue of it reflecting the creator's image; this is a starting place. One of the most beautiful things about coming to know the love of God in Jesus is that it makes one more fully human.

Colossians 3: 1-5 reminds Christians they are in Christ, He is in them and there they find their grounding, sense of belonging and purpose in this world. Using resurrection language, the Apostle Paul brings home that they are raised together with Christ for new life. Consistent with Colossians is the understanding Christ is to have first place in all things; including their lives. In these verses they find redemption, a sense of value and identity. In these verses they also find responsibility to turn from immorality, arrogance, pride and ultimately anything that supplants Christ in their lives (amounting to idolatry).

How do you determine who you are? Have you given much thought to what is the center and value of your being? The culture of our times is desperately trying to give you an answer; but so too is God.

The Christian's sense of identity is not there to place them above anyone but rather to remind them to humbly serve everyone.