An in-Depth Look at the book of Romans

Led By: Jay and Barb Spaulding
Time: Sunday Mornings, 8:45-9:30am
Location: Lakeside Conference Room

Looking to go deeper, be challenged in your faith and seeking to understand Who God is and what salvation means?  Want to be in the companyof Christians who are desiring to know God more?  Day-Breakers Bible Study is for you!  Romans will be a verse by verse study of the rich theology and gospel of grace as put forth by the Apostle Paul.  Next to the New Testament Letter to the Galatians, Romans delves into the depths of the doctrine of justification by grace through faith.  Follow Paul each week as Jay Spaulding unpacks an amazing and truly life changing study in Romans.  No prior Bible study experience required.  Discussion is encouraged.  All you need is a Bible! Want to know more:

A Study of John’s Gospel

Led By: Chris Tyburski, Steve Rowe, and Jacob Syme
Time: Sunday Mornings, 8:45-9:30am
Location: 3rd Fldoor

On Sunday mornings before church Chris Tyburski and Steve Rowe will be starting a series to examine the gospel of John and how we can be learning from it today. The study will challenge you and push you to see Jesus as He was described and detailed by John. Want to know more: