Lakeside Kids

10:00 - 11:00am

High Energy, High Activities, High Quality

That’s how we do it here at Lakeside. All of our children’s programs are geared towards engaging with your kids in the most powerful and meaningful way. Every Sunday morning, Lakeside|KIDS if full of interactive lessons, crafts, games and activities that all coordinate with each weeks big theme. Above all, it’s not just about the entertainment value, it’s really about quality time, building relationships and learning how to love God and love others. That’s our goal, and we’re sure your kids will like it! So, what program do we have?


Our children’s programs uses a curriculum called Orange. We carefully chose this program because of the emphasis on the team effort between parents and the church on raising kids. Their philosophy is that if you take the family (red) and the church (yellow) and put them together (hence, orange), you will have one powerful positive influence in children’s lives. If you want to know more about Orange, you can check out their website here.


Partnering with Parents

You’re Not Alone!

We know that your average day isn’t usually an average day. Parenting is so much more than putting food on the table and getting your kids to school (although, that in itself can be challenging for alot of us). Parenting involves speaking into the hearts of your children, passing on a legacy and being the example of who you want them to be when you’re gone. That is no easy task.

That is why we believe that parenting shouldn’t be done without community. It doesn’t matter if you’re a married couple, single mom or dad or grandparents raising children; you need a community.

At Lakeside, we want to be that community and extended family that can encourage you and support you through the exciting journey of raising children who radiate a true love from their lives. So, how do we do that?

There’s No Babysitting at Lakeside

Don’t hear us wrong. We love having a great time on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings in our children’s and youth ministry, but it’s not for the sake of keeping kids out of trouble so the parents can run errands (although we’re definitely not against that). Whatever we do on Sunday morning or Wednesday evening, we want it to be the starting point for the rest of the week.

Our desire is to teach the children and youth at Lakeside about how God can change them and use them as they love Him. However, we can’t do that in one, maybe two hours a week. We will equip and encourage the parents to take the talks home and figure out how to make these truths real in children’s/youth’s lives. At best, a youth pastor or youth leader has 40-80 hours a year with their students… that’s compared to over 3,000 free hours that guardians have with their children! Imagine if the church and home joined together to bring up children who love God and love others!

Using the Right Tools

It doesn’t matter if you want to build something if you don’t have the right tools. You can have the vision, time and money, but without any tools, it won’t get done (done right, that is). That’s why Lakeside has carefully selected the curriculum, programs and events that we use each week. Our curriculum offers plenty of resources for parents to use at home (or in a mini-van or soccer game). We want to make sure that parents leave with the tools they need just as much as we want to have fun and engaging lesson at church.

For more information about the curriculum we use in our children’s program, check out the children’s page here. To see what is going on at Lakeside’s Youth, check out their page here.

Are You In?

So how about it? Will you join the team and let us help and encourage you as you embark on the great adventure of parenting. We hope you are because we are excited to see what God will do through a generation that can say they learned about loving God from their church AND parents!