What you do reflects who you are; it's not who you are.

In a Washington Post article entitled, Are You A Work Marty Brigid Schulte notes 40% of Americans don't take all their vacation, leaving 430 million days of unused paid vacation a year.

Somewhere along the line we, Americans in particular, are seeing work as somehow validating our existence. What we do is informing who we are. Authors Staats and Geno write in a Harvard Business Review article, It's The Weekend! Why Are You Working!, many simply find joy in their work. Work can consume us; however, at the same time we enjoy it.

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Welcome to LCC

Welcome to Lakeside Christian Church! We're a growing church located in the very heart of Kirkland. While our church has been on this street corner for around 50 years we are only 4 years into a revitalization of the church. Four years ago we stopped everything and prayerfully sought God to give us a fresh vision for the church. In particular, I asked God to show me what He wanted me as the Pastor to do; where and how to lead the church into a new season of ministry.

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Vince Armfield