Walking into someone’s house for the first time can be anything from a different experience to almost a scary experience. That’s why we want to give you the opportunity to get to know us a little more. Twice a year we offer EXPLORE, which is that time that you get to learn about who we are, what we do and why we do it!

EXPLORE is a four week class that helps you see the big picture of what we do as a family at Lakeside. We’ll take some time to talk about Sunday mornings, service opportunities, weird things the pastors do, as well as answer as many of our questions as we can.

We know that if you take a little time to get to know us, you can’t help but get excited to hear what God is doing through the church family at Lakeside. So don’t be nervous. Take off your shoes and stay a while. Join the next explore class and see how God can use you. Just fill out the information below.

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